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I’m a Medical Exercise Specialists and Health Educator.  I focus on providing expertise on health programs for specific diseases and health issues. My program is known as “Functional Fitness.”  It is a level of fitness necessary to take care of household and daily living needs or more aggressive activities like playing with grandchildren or hiking.

I focus on wellness and anti-aging programs 

I use fitness assessments to determine the best method to achieve the goals you want to provide. From strength, balance, endurance to mental acuity. I work with you to explore basic improvements that can be implemented gradually during our time together. As your practice accumulates you find that changes are collectively creating what you want. 

Rock Steady Boxing Coach for Parkinson’s Disease

Rock Steady Boxing is non-contact boxing and cross-training combined. How does exercise and enhanced fitness help with symptoms? •Reduces tremor, stiffness and gait freezing •Decreases risk of falling and joint injury •Improves movement and motor coordination in daily chores A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls A Matter of Balance is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults. It includes 8 two-hour sessions led by me and another Master Trainer facilitator. This nationally recognized program was developed at Boston University. Participants gain confidence to improve their health risks. START TODAY: CONTACT SHARON TOLLESON ~ 505 - 369 - 4963 sharon  Santa Fe New Mexico
We spend the first half of our lives compromising our health to gain wealth and the second half of our lives spending our wealth to regain our health.                               Voltaire, 18th Century
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