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it is absolutely *no exaggeration to say that steady use of the PEMF medical device has literally, and quite positively, changed my life by significantly improving my overall health status.   B J Coleman Had my eyes checked 20/20 now. I’ve worn glasses forever, but no more. People just don’t realize how much it can do! W. Bryant I went to the doctor for a follow up. They were all astonished by my progress. They said 20 year olds don’t heal as fast as i have. Thank your for your advice. J. Longenbaugh Your treatment helped me withstand a delayed flight. Plane took off at 8:30 pm instead of 3 and I was sitting on or off the plane for several hours. Foot did not swell substantially in flight. Energy withstood the elongated wait. Got to my rental in fifteen minutes.  Thx P. Pearse I forgot to tell you, that I felt” high” for the first 20 minutes, and than wile driving I drank a litter of water on the way back I feel good. Thanks again.  N. Harding I have been giving BEMER information out with your name. Thought maybe someone would have called by now. But people don’t realize how much it can do! Will always recommend you Sharon! Thank you for all your help. W. Bryant START TODAY: CONTACT SHARON TOLLESON ~ 505 - 369 - 4963 ~ sharon @
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